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Data report#21

Do you have any product roadmap for Spatial Chat to provide any analytics about engagement?
For example:

  • How many people online in each room, per day.
  • What average time each person stays online on the platform per day / week / month.
  • List of people who have been online.
    And others.

This data is sorely lacking for us.

24 days ago

who has been in the stage area

24 days ago

Hey guys! We’re going to make a special Dashboard for our Space Administators and there will be such information! Thank you for your feedback :)

16 days ago

Amanzing, Sergey! Do you have any predictions as to when this dashboard will be available?

16 days ago

Hey Renata! I hope it will be ready about by the end of July :) Please follow our Announces here: 🙂

16 days ago